Assigning Tasks to Team Members

Assigning Tasks to Team Members


Go to your admin back office and click on ‘tasks’ tab in the navigation bar


Click on the ‘add task’ button on the right side


After entering all the details, select a member from the drop down you want to assign the task to


You can also click on the ‘mic’ icon to send recorded voice messages


After you have filled in all the details, and attached multiple files, simply hit ‘send’


A notification will be sent to the employee with the assigned task

Logged vs assigned tasks

Under the ‘tasks’ tab you can see logged tasks i.e tasks logged by you using the desktop app for time tracking and assigned tasks i.e. list of tasks that you have assigned to your team members.

Check task status

Employees can mark the status of a task as ‘completed’ once he is done with the task. Which can be easily shown through the back office in the assigned tasks tab. Also you can edit your assigned tasks, add descriptions and delete whenever you like.

Filter tasks

You can sort tasks by applying various filters to check data individually such as date range, members and projects.

Export task list

Download the task list in CSV format to maintain your record offline.