Accessing user account controls

Accessing user account controls


Click on the “Team Members” tab in the top navigation bar


Click on the pen icon displayed on the panel with the name of the team member


A pop-up form will appear, go to ‘user account controls’ and enable/disable settings

Blur screenshots:

Click on the “Blur ScreenShots” to blur screenshots of the employee, you can turn off “blur screenshots” off by de-selecting the option

View Back office:

Click on “view back office” to provide permission to users to view back office, you can deselect the option to cancel permission to view backoffice.

Screen Capture on and off:

Click on “Screen capture” to capture screen of the employee you can turn off capturing screen by simply de-selecting the option

Add Time manually:

Click on the “Add time manually” to allow admins so they can add time manually, deselect the option to cancel permission to add time manually.